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Chris J. Birch is the Chairman and Technical Director of Apollo. Here, Chris explains more about the Franchising model and how it helps our Operators succeed.


Hi, I’m Chris and I’m one half of the Founding team that built and grew Apollo into what its become today; a thriving, exciting and dynamic Company with an excellent reputation and tremendous growth.

When asked by colleagues and other Business owners why we hadn’t franchised the Company, I’d reply with through gritted teeth that I didn’t understand anyone who’d buy a franchise. My opinion did a complete U-turn around 2018 when I noticed that more than 90% of Cleaning Companies and Facilities Companies fail within a year. Then, of the remaining 10%, only 30% would continue for more than 3 years. Unsettling figures!

That made me compelled to help and step in to help plug the gaps and provide the advice anyone setting up in business would need. It was a great success and I became a Mentor for many other successful Companies, all that are still thriving today.

Then in 2019, I watched first hand as a friend lost everything when his cleaning company went south. He’d not put any of the policies in place for his Team and almost forgot how to look for work.

That was the moment that I said we were going to franchise the hell out of Apollo. We were going to make sure that anyone who wants to own a Cleaning Company should head over to us and we’ll give them everything they need to setup, everything they need to grow and be there, on the phone or in person day after day to give their business every possible way of succeeding.

And it worked.

Today, I’m writing this with WhatsApp messages flying back and forth Operators across the UK. They’re chatting about workplace issues, sharing best practices on generating new business and helping each other grow. All with the systems we’ve put into place to help their Companies thrive in a sector fraught with failure.

An Apollo Operator gets their own patch. Somewhere to call their own and where no other Apollo Operator can venture. When a National Contract is won by our Bid Writers, it’s distributed to all of the Operators who’re working in the area. When an Operator wins a local Contract and it comes with a Premises thats a fair distance from them and outside their patch, that part is passed to the Operator in that patch.

It’s this level of cooperation between Operators thats making the Apollo Franchising model so successful. We all want more business and we all want to be incredibly successful in our areas so it makes sense that everyone would help everyone else.

Now that we’ve built something really special, everyone wants to be a part of it and that’s just fantastic! We created a vetting policy to only add Operators that’ll grow their area, make it strong, keep it healthy and build a great Local Brand.

I hope you’ll be one too!


What you’ll need

As an Apollo Operator, you’ll need to make an up-front Financial Investment. This means you’ll need at least £5,000 in unencumbered funds. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you can take the lead and work within our framework to give you the greatest chance of success!

What you’ll get

In Cleaning, we’re one of the UK’s most iconic brands and we offer world-class support and training for our Apollo Operators. Before you begin with your Franchise, you’ll go through a comprehensive training programme that takes a minimum of 4 weeks. Then, we’ll pass over your Operating area and begin the immersion process. We’ll ensure you have a supply chain of trusted Partners who all uphold the same principles that Apollo has. You’ll also have the benefit of marketing and branding that’s among the most recognised in its field on the Planet.

Cardiff Offices:
Apollo Wales HQ
No. 16 Crwys Road
Roath, Cardiff
CF24 4NJ

02920 100 004

London Office:
Floor 24
The Shard
London SE1 9SG

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